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Our preschool was inspected by OFSTED on Wednesday 21st February 2018. A copy of their report can be accessed here. In all areas bar one, the preschool was judged as good. However the overall grade given to the preschool was a grade 3 “Requires improvement” as there was a single procedural failure at the trustee level.

On the day of the inspection a trustee had not completed their OFSTED registration process. We had had a significant changeover in trustees in the few months prior to the inspection. Whilst all new trustee DBS checks had been completed, there is a further process of OFSTED suitability checking which had not been completed within OFSTED's timescale for one trustee. As that timescale formed part of a statutory requirement, this lead to the rating given.

We would encourage you to read the complete OFSTED report which we believe demonstrates clearly what an excellent job Mrs Angie and the team are doing in the day to day operation of the preschool with the following a direct quote from the report:

“Staff provide a warm and nurturing environment for children and their families.”

The attached letter was sent to all our current parents and gives more details about the inspection together with the actions we have taken in order to rectify the situation. None of our children have left as a result of the rating and our parents have been incredibly supportive.

We are wholly confident that we will return to our previous status of a Good preschool on our next inspection.

Prestwood Community Preschool CIO is a registered charity, number 1159527 and we are registered with OFSTED, EY492554.